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Diamond Painting is thé hobby!

This wonderful way of relaxation is a fun pastime for young and old. Maybe you've heard of it, or you would like to start with Diamond Painting yourself. In this description you can read everything you need to know about this fun hobby. What exactly it is and how best to proceed. Of course we also give you a number of useful tips & tricks that make Diamond Painting even more fun and easier. With this Diamond Painting "how to" you can create a beautiful work of art for the wall in no time.

What is Diamond Painting?
Simply explained, Diamond Painting consists of pasting colored stones according to a certain pattern. Each stone has its own number. This number can be found on the supplied checklist and also on the supplied canvas. As it were, the technique used in Diamond Painting can be compared a bit with the popular “painting by numbers”. Each Diamond Painting has its own unique stones in different colors. The coloring of the diamonds in the factory is done via the DMC color standard. This standard represents colors that are also used for embroidery threads, for example.

The contents of a Diamond Painting Package
Of course you need more than just colored stones for Diamond Painting. A complete Diamond Painting set consists of a number of parts. These parts make working on your Diamond Painting artwork a lot easier. A Diamond Painting package consists of these items:

-Canvas canvas with pattern: this is the canvas on which you will make your Diamond Painting. The canvas has a pattern with symbols and/or numbers. These correspond to the stones you received.
- Stones: these are the diamonds that you will stick on the canvas. The stones can be round or square and all have their own unique color and code.
-Diamond Painting Pen: with the pen you can easily remove the stones from the shaker. Some pens have a wider surface on the back with which you can stick several stones at the same time. For example, if you have to cover a large surface in one color.
- Tweezers: The tweezers are important in Diamond Painting. You can pick up the stones with it, but also put them in the right position if necessary. You can also use the tweezers to carefully remove the stones from the canvas.
-Shaking tray: by using the shaking tray you can easily pick up the Diamond Painting stones with the pen. If you want to store them again later, you can easily shake them back into the bag or storage box via the narrow pouring spout.
-Wax: with Diamond Painting wax you ensure that the stones stick well to the pen. So you can easily pick them up from the shaker tray. So first press your pen into the wax before picking up a stone.
-Manual: in the clear Dutch manual you can read exactly how to work with your Diamond Painting and you will find tips & tricks

A handy tool to order with the Diamond Painting is a sorting box or storage case. This allows you to sort the stones by color, making it faster and easier to work on your artwork. DMC stickers are also recommended to order with. This allows you to immediately give the correct color code to the jars or bag in which you store the sorted stones.

How does Diamond Painting work?
If you have ordered and received your Diamond Painting, you naturally want to get started with your new hobby as soon as possible. Nevertheless, good preparation is of great importance. After all, this way you can work undisturbed on your Diamond Painting, and you can be sure that you keep the right order.

Step-by-step plan Diamond Painting
-STEP 1: After you place an order online, you can expect your Diamond Painting at home soon. Carefully open the box. Never use sharp objects such as scissors or a knife. This can damage the canvas or the bags in which the stones are packed. Then put all the parts from the box on the table.
-STEP 2: Check if the contents of the box are correct. Our complete diamond painting packages contain a canvas with pattern, tweezers, pen, wax, stones, shaker and a clear Dutch manual. If everything is correct, you can start sorting the stones. This is best done with a sorting tray. You sort the colors in the separate boxes of the sorting tray. You can also use an egg carton, for example.
-STEP 3: Fold open a small piece of the protective film that is stuck on the canvas. It is wise to start pasting in the top left or right corner, depending on whether you are left or right handed. This way, the pasted stones will not get in the way and you can leave the rest of the foil on for protection. Find the right color stones with the color code you see on the canvas.
-STEP 4: Shake some of the stones you need into the shaker. Remove the protective film from the supplied wax. Take the Diamond Painting pen and gently press it into the wax. Then carefully pick up a stone until it sticks to the pen and stick it on the corresponding square on the canvas.

Tips & tricks at Diamond Painting
In this Diamond Painting description  we also give you some useful tips & tricks. This way you know for sure that you will soon be able to enjoy a beautiful end result.

-Always start in the top left or right corner with gluing the stones. This will prevent stones from sticking to your arm while working.
-Wait with pressing the stones firmly until you are sure that it is in the right place. You can easily put the stones in the right position with the Diamond Painting tweezers.
-Place large areas of the same color according to the "checkerboard" principle, with this you better press the surrounding stones into place.
-Is the stone not quite right? Then carefully flip the stone up to the side. You do this with the tweezers. You can easily make a correction.
- Carefully fold over the protective film of the canvas or cut out a corner. This keeps the rest of the canvas sticky and protects against dust and dirt. You can also cut strips from the foil, but make sure that you only cut the cover foil.
- You can easily work on your Diamond Painting with a sorting box. You can not only sort the stones by color, but also store them in a safe way.
-Leave a rolled up canvas “out” under a heavy object. A stack of magazines or a mattress straightens the canvas so that it is easier to stick. You can also "pull back" the cover film for half of the painting and then "iron" it back with a straight object while the painting is on a flat hard surface. Repeat this step with the other side of the painting, your painting is now immediately flat. Note: NEVER roll the painting the other way than it was delivered, this will create air bubbles under the adhesive layer.
-Use the wide end of the Diamond Painting pen for covering large pieces in one color.
-Place a towel over the Diamond Painting when it is completely finished. Then carefully roll over it with a special Diamond Painting roller. A rolling pin also ensures that the stones remain firmly in place.

Diamond Painting Size and Categories
Diamond Painting has many different categories. That's exactly why this fun hobby is so popular with many people. Some examples of these different categories from which you can choose are:

Multi-part (3, 4, 5 etc)
Christmas - and greeting cards
Religion (eg Christian and Buddha)

In addition, you can also have a Diamond Painting made from your own photo. All you have to do is upload a photo or image with sufficient resolution. We assess the photo and make examples of it in different sizes so that you can see in advance how the Diamond Painting will be. Only when you are satisfied with a certain sample will an order be placed. Your photo is then converted into a pattern that is printed on canvas. Of course you will also receive the necessary stones in the right colors, a toolkit and a manual. We always pack the Diamond Painting in a sturdy tube so that your Diamond Painting arrives to you in perfect condition.

A Diamond Painting is available in various sizes. If you're just starting out with this fun hobby, you might prefer a smaller one. Are you more advanced or can you spend enough time on Diamond Painting? Then it is of course nice to opt for a larger canvas. Examples of formats you can choose from are:

30 x 30 to 40 x 60 cm
50 x 50 to 50 x 70 cm
60 x 60 to 60 x 90 cm

Frequently Asked Questions about Diamond Painting

-Can I frame my diamond painting? Yes, that's possible. The canvas on which you have made your Diamond Painting is very suitable for framing. That is also the reason why you will find a white surface on each side. You can make your own frame from wood, but you can also choose a ready-made frame for your Diamond Painting. The glass plate protects the image from moisture and dirt.

-What should I do if I run out of stones? In principle, every Diamond Painting comes with enough stones. However, it can happen that you are short of stones. Fill in the form for missing stones on our website, the link to this form can be found on the enclosed cecklist. We will simply send them to you free of charge!
-The stones do not stick to the Diamond Painting pen. What is going on? If the stones do not stick, it may be that you are using too little wax. It is also possible that the opening of the pen is full of wax. Remove this with a needle or the supplied tweezers.
-Can I coat my Diamond Painting? Yes, that's possible. If you do not want to frame your Diamond Painting or if you want to hang it outside, you can also provide the stones with a layer of lacquer to protect them. Always use a clear high-gloss lacquer or varnish. This way the stones retain their shine and brilliance.


With this Diamond Painting explanation  you can be sure that you are not missing any important steps in creating your own artwork. You know how best to start, which order to follow and which tools to use. With the handy tips & tricks, Diamond Painting will definitely become your hobby. Have fun!


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